Emperor’s Den

Emperor’s Den/Motor Club of America is a team of Self-Contractors providing insurance services Nation wide and local areas within the community. Our team of insurance agents will also be rendering services for different vendors, establishments and individuals. Emperor’s Den will be a privately supported, self-governing nonprofit organization that will fulfill urgent personal and community needs as insurance entrepreneurs

Emperor’s Den/MCA mission is to build easier resources for the communities we live in. Our goal is to reach a vast majority amount of individuals and businesses and provide professional reliable services that will allow the growth expansion level to spread within the next 5 years. Within 10 years there shall be a great opportunity for the communities we serviced due to the transition of hiring more Affiliate advocates that makes the convience of every establishment business and household easier. Founder of Emperor’s Den goal is to raise funds to advocate multiple Community Resource Centers. A resource center that provides human growth and existence in the community. With the right amount of help and resources to aid the Resource Center, children’s awareness groups and counseling, Big Brother Little Brother/ Big Sis Little Sis programs, after school programs as well as after work counseling/therapy for adults, Youth Behavioral groups for families struggling with adolescents, Recreational clubs and activities for youth, adults and families. Emperor’s Den/MCA wants to open endeavors that allows us to rebuild structure back into our communities and reaching out to many societies that needs a helping hand.